Frequently Asked Questions

Does my dog need the Rattlesnake Vaccine?

The efficacy of this vaccine has not been proven so we do not currently recommend it. We strongly recommend rattlesnake aversion training. Any of our team members can provide you with more information about this training.

Why doesn’t Cochise County have a 24-hour Veterinary Emergency Center?

There simply are not enough animal hospitals in all of Cochise County to support one 24 hour Emergency Center. It takes a minimum of 26 hospitals to fund one emergency center. In an effort to provide as much coverage as possible for our clients, we offer on-call hours until 6pm on alternating weekends.  If an emergency arises, please call our office number at 520-459-0433. If you call outside our normal business hours, our answering service will be able to connect you with the on-call doctor or direct you to one of the Emergency Centers in Tucson. 

Are you open on weekends?

Our regular business hours are: Monday & Wednesday 8am to 8pm. Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 8am to 5pm. In order to accommodate the needs of our clients, our doctors have office hours on select Saturdays. The hours we are open on these select Saturdays will vary. 

Why do my pets need a current rabies vaccine?

Arizona state law and city code require all dogs maintained within city limits to be vaccinated and licensed annually. Reference:  ARS Title 11, Chapter 7 Article 6. 11-1010. The City of Sierra Vista requires all felines in city limits be vaccinated against rabies.  

We are required by law to provide copies of Rabies Certificates to Animal Control. Reference: ARS 11-1010

In 2017, there were a total of 35 reported cases of Rabies; 6 bats, 18 skunks, 10 foxes and 1 bobcat. In February 2018, two new cases were reported in Cochise County. For your safety and that of our team, New Frontier Animal Medical Center requires ALL pets to have a CURRENT rabies vaccine to be treated. If your pet has been vaccinated at another animal hospital, we will require a copy of the signed rabies certificate for our records. If you are unable to provide proof of current rabies vaccine, we will request to re-vaccinate before we treat your pet.