Saying Goodbye


A few years back Bonnie, our beautiful, sweet, and loving 14-year-old golden retriever was diagnosed with lung cancer. After a time, Bonnie let us know she was very tired and had suffered enough. It was early in the morning when we made our call to Dr. Pamela Drake at New Frontier; we brought her straight to the hospital. We were treated with great compassion, consideration, and sympathy as our Bonnie passed away – her family holding her.

We have been clients of New Frontier Animal Hospital for many years., and have always been pleased with the care our pets have received. And now even our sons also take their pets to see Dr. Pamela.

We have since adopted a little poodle who is vocal and feisty when comes time for exams and shots, but the people at New Frontier handle him with the same level of care they always have.

Makena Tolman