More Than Just a Veterinarian


When does your veterinarian become more than just your veterinarian? When they cry with you at the journey over Rainbow Bridge of an old faithful companion? When they share tears of joy with you at the emergency birth of your 12 bloodhound babies? Somewhere in between all of those pesky ailments and shots and a couple of “What in the world is this?” Who knows just when it happens, but it happened for us with the doctors and staff at New Frontier Animal Medical Center. About 11 years ago we moved to Hereford and one of the most important things was to find a veterinarian for our golden retrievers and bloodhounds. We have always been a multiple dog family, and juggling around trying to find someone who understands the passion we have for all of our dogs isn’t easy. We found wonderful Doctors and a great staff at the “Copper Top building” that is for sure. We have needed everything from surgery for Javelina damage, to an emergency ‘C’ section for our Bloodhound Sophie. Sometimes we have just needed a little reassurance which was taken care of by a telephone call. Whatever we needed it has been there for us in a very professional way, yes, but with that little something more that says, “we really care about you and your friends!” Dog and Staff have come and gone in our lives over the years; we now have three bloodhounds, Prowler, Sherman, and Gracie Mae, and a Cattle Dog/Border Colli named Molly Merlot. Our respect is still there for the Doctors and Staff at New Frontier Animal Hospital. Thanks for all the medical help and that ‘little bit more’ along the way.

Makena Tolman