The Highest Praise


I have been taking my animals to New Frontier Animal Medical Center for many years and have nothing but my highest praise for all the veterinarians and the staff.

The veterinarians are always very concerned, passionate, and caring for your animals and for you as the owner. Walking into the office you are always greeted with a “hello” and a smile and “how may I help you?”

They have always been there for me and especially for one of my dogs that was very sick, taking him before the office was officially opened. This particular dog we almost lost twice due to different illness and the veterinarian and staff were there for him and me every minute.

I have lost several dogs over the years and always been treated with the highest level of compassion, the staff always giving me all the time I wanted to say a proper goodbye. When you are losing a pet that is one of the hardest things to go through as they are your family, but having the veterinarian and staff there to console and comfort you really helps and this is what everyone at New Frontier does.

Makena Tolman