Did You Know… About Your Local Wildlife?


Bird-watching is one of the many reasons people come to Cochise County. If you’re a novice or  experienced birdwatcher, explore Cochise County’s birding hot spots, birding events and birding tours.


The AZ Department of Game & Fish recommends not touching an injured or orphaned wild animal. Contact a certified wildlife rehabilitator.
Due to state regulations, our doctors and staff are unable to treat wildlife; however we can provide you with contact information.


Pets can be exposed to rabies through wildlife encounters. Dog owners are required by Arizona Revised Statutes to have their dogs vaccinated against rabies and licensed. (ARS Title 11, Chapter 7 Article 6. 11-1010).  Sierra Vista City Code Chapter 9, Section 90.03,C states that cat owners are required to vaccinate their cats against rabies. We are required to report all rabies vaccinations given to local Animal Control.


There are a number of Nature Centers and Rescues in our area dedicated to the preservation, conservation and education about living with wildlife.
Gray Hawk Nature Center, Madrean Archipelago Wildlife Center, and Arizona Game & Fish are great resources.

For more information about living with local wildlife give our office a call at 520-459-0433.

Makena Tolman