International & Domestic Health Certificates

pomeraniansIf you are traveling with your pet, you may be in need of a health certificate. These forms, completed upon the examination of your pet, are typically required whenever you are flying with an animal or going across the border. A health certificate simply states that the animal listed appears healthy, free from contagious disease, and (when appropriate) is vaccinated against rabies.

Most airlines require a health certificate be signed no more than 10 days prior to your flight date, which means your pet must be examined by the veterinarian within 10 days of travel in order to make the certificate valid. Any prior exam, no matter how recent, cannot be accepted.

In the event that you are traveling (or shipping your pet) internationally, it is best to find out in advance if there are any special requirements needed for travel. Most countries have very specific laws about animal import and usually have strict timetables for procedures such as microchip placement, vaccinations, and blood work.

If you are traveling with your pet and have questions about what may be needed, please give our office a call at 520-459-0433.